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Biting my fingernails….and then…. I exhale. Thank you, Sue.

Having only written two fiction novels, I can't call myself an expert. But I have to image most authors feel as I do days away from the release of a new book. You've spent countless hours writing your novel. Then you try to sell it. Someone finally loves it enough to offer you money and and a contract. You're full of joy, not because you expect to become a best seller, but because someone other than your family acknowledged that you can write.

Then your editor sends you her edits, and you think maybe you can't write. But, you dive in, with faith in your editor and the process, and you make the changes you both agree on. In the case of Cuba Undercover, you do it time and time again! Because, as I was editing this ficiton novel, the real world relations between Cuba and the United States were rapidly changing. So, for many reasons, I have been holding my breath while throwing this book to the world and waiting to see if anyone likes it.

Today, I read a review on Goodreads from Sue. I don't know Sue, but I love her review. She didn't give me five stars. She didn't say the book was perfect. But, I could tell she actually read it, and gave it some real thought. I thank her for her time and her opinion. I know I've touched on some controversial subjects that tend to make people's blood pressure rise. And before the book is launched on release day - you depend on reviewers to give you a feel for what may be coming. Here's Sue's review. I hope it will encourage many to take a trip with me to Cuba - before the country changes forever.

Thank you- Linda Bond

( Because I'm so happy about this review - let's enjoy a little Cuban music - shot by me in Havana, Cuba in 2011 )

Sue 's review

Jul 10, 15

4 of 5 stars

Between the pages of Cuba Undercover by Linda Bond was a great place to be! Having been to Cuba a few times, I was excited to read a book in which a lot of the setting was in Cuba. Through Linda's vivid and accurate descriptions, I could not only see the place and people she detailed in my mind, but I could feel the humidity and the heat.I really liked the overall plot and theme of Cuba Undercover...especially since Linda manages to draw attention to a lot of ongoing political and humanitarian issues that are real. By doing this she made her characters and their situations believable. The way Rebecca and Antonio get to the situation they find themselves in, with her being kidnapped, was an interesting initial twist to the plot, but I felt that this not really necessary to move the plot forward, instead it was somewhat distracting. The way they quickly moved past the kidnapping and worked together to reach goals was admirable. Antonio and Rebecca develop a connection quickly, even as danger pursues them. Antonio is determined to save his sister, and Rebecca is determined not only to tell the story of her and other's like her, but to find out more about the father she's never known. This makes Rebecca and Antonio two people who are not welcome in Cuba...and even as the goal is reached the cost to them both might be heavy. When all is said and done, can Rebecca forget Antonio and move on?Cuba Undercover really makes one think about the issues that country and it's people are facing. I know that this is a fiction book, but Linda has written it so well it could be real. I loved the main characters and the secondary characters (especially Rebecca's cameraman Dallas). I liked what Rebecca and Antonio stood for, what they believed in and stood up for. I could feel the hope that each of them felt as well as their fear.Cuba Undercover was so easy to immerse myself in...with a nerve wracking and dangerous at times plot with just enough romance the plot is strong and the characters are powerful. I'd recommend Cuba Undercover to any romance reader.

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