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One magical find in Cuba!

While in Cuba, I stumbled onto the most fascinating place: the home of Cuban artist Jose Fuster.


The following gallery will show you the true magnificence of this man.  His home became his canvas, his community is now his gallery.


I hope you can put aside the politics and lose yourself in this great display of talent. 

Cuba Undercover Inspiration

I met my husband while on assignment as a TV reporter in Cuba in 1998 during Pope John Paul II's historic visit to the island.  My husband's family was returning to Cuba for the first time in 30 years.  I chose their family to interview because the politics in Cuba had divided them. Two of four brothers went back to Cuba with their parents.  The other two refused and won't go back as long as a Castro is in charge. This powerful dynamic still divides families today.  My brother-in-law, Victor Manual Figueredo, captured the essence of this forbidden land.  Joe Papadopoulos captured the real love between me and my husband.  Cuba Undercover is the result of this fateful trip to Cuba, an assignment that changed my life forever.  A real life romance. 


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