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Magical Mystery Find in Cuba

What is it I love about Cuba?

There are so many things, but let me share this one. It’s Jose Fusterland.

Jose Fuster is a Cuban native artist specializing in ceramics. Not only did he build a home that is a magnificent exhibit of his artwork, but also he painted his community with his unique and amazing works. Picture Dali’s works as part of the architecture and structure of downtown St. Petersburg.

Fuster lives in the fishing town of Jaimanitas. I would never have known about his great talent if not for an excursion during a trip as a reporter to Cuba. I was following a young girl from America who was visiting her Cuban relatives. Her birthday was on 9-11. I didn’t want to do a sad story on that day. I wanted to go outside of Havana and visit a family celebrating a life passage just like we do in America. A birthday.

Once I arrived I had the chance to explore and HOLY COW! The whole town is now a unique work of public art. Fuster decorated over 80 houses. He created murals and domes to match the personality of his neighbors. I wonder what he would have created for me had I met him.

I showed up at his house unannounced and asked to come in and look around. You might think that is brash, but I’m an American TV reporter, and that is what I do. I ask to see and learn.

The person who gave us the okay was not Fuster. The artist was not at home. To bad. I really would have liked to meet him, and apparently he does say hello to travelers who pass by. Good for him. We must be part of his inspiration.

I wish I had purchased some of his work, but at the time Americans were not allowed to bring Cuban art back to America. So instead, I will tell you about Fuster and his great work. I will share pictures that show you how he not only turned his own house into a showcase, but he made his community a place you must visit on your trip to Cuba. For his work is unique. As is the town.

I am not an artist, but as a writer I do appreciate the passion in his creations. And I do believe Jose Fuster is one talented man.

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