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Alive at 5 releases Monday - Here's a sneak peak. To trust you have to let go.

sam steel blinfolded.jpg

A blindfold? Seriously? She’d watched this in a movie, secretly dreamed of having this done to her—but not in a public place and certainly not by a man she didn’t trust. Or did she?

Her heart bumped against her chest, but it wasn’t fear making her pulse race. It was the pleasure of anticipation. God, she was actually enjoying this. Still, there were people watching.

Reaching up, she tugged the cloth down. “There are people here.” She didn’t want to attract any more attention than they probably already had.

“Forget about them and focus on me.” He pulled the cloth up and tied the ends into a tighter knot. “In order to trust completely, you have to give up control, and that means blocking out anything and everything around you.”

His breath warmed her ear again. “I don’t understand.” Yes, she actually did. She just didn’t want to do it. The thought terrified her.

“You can’t always trust what you see.” His lips brushed the skin near her cheek. “A reporter should know that. You have to dig deeper.”

Alive at 5 - on sale Monday, July 14th

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