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Trish “The Dish” Tucker:

      Voted by her classmates the girl most likely to set the world on fire, Trish spent the last 18 years living a lie.  An abused wife, embarrassed to ask her successful friends for help, she finally formulates a plan to break free.  On the night she decides whether to go with Plan A or Plan B, a twist of fate intervenes.  Trish walks out of her favorite Los Angeles honky-tonk and disappears, never making it to their college reunion.


Lauren Hernandez:


     The recently divorced TV news reporter’s adrenaline junkie ways might make her headline news.  Hanging on to her job and her self-worth by an unraveling thread, she’s desperate to derail a deepening desire for a man she knows she can never have:  her boss.


Julia Montgomery:


      The ex-beauty queen juggles motherhood with Junior League luncheons and PTA meetings in Savannah, Georgia.  But, facing an unexpected diagnosis that could steal both her looks and her life, gives her the courage to unveil a secret that’s been growing inside of her like a tumor.  She reaches out to a scorned ex-lover and asks for help righting a wrong she feels she committed eighteen years ago.


Katie Lynn Brunson:


     The former captain of the majorette line manages two of country music's most successful entertainment acts, but she can’t seem to manage her own workaholic lifestyle.  Having wiped out her own humble beginnings, she now yearns for a real family to share her material success.  By the time she turns 40, Katie Lynn vows she’ll find a husband or a worthy sperm donor and settle into the mansion she’s built on the outskirts of Nashville.


Kimberly Little:


     The former hippie chick left musician friends in Athens for a lucrative job writing advertising jingles in Atlanta.  Ashamed at having sold her soul for material things, she decides to leave her cheating husband and their high society life in the city to become a stay at home mom.  Drawn back to her hometown of Athens, the former music major finds herself longing to write soulful songs again, especially with the handsome 25-year old guitarist next door.


The Fab Five

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