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Getting Inspired in Vegas and not by the slot machines! ENTANGLED in Vegas. #funwithromanceauthors

Having my second glass of wine at LAX. Thinking I need to switch to diet soda. Yep. I’m on a 4-hour layover, waiting to take the red eye from California to Florida, just so I can shower and get my ass to work. I AM CRAZY. 40 – something year old women don’t do this. Right? So, why did I subject myself to this insanity? Love for writing. Love for fellow authors. The desire to learn. The hope I’m getting better. Following the dream. All of the above. I’ve never been a fan of boring, so bring it on. I will stay awake until the plane boards, and I will show up at work tomorrow clean, with new clothes on and with a great attitude. (As long as they don’t mess with me and I can watch the US versus Germany soccer game.) So, I traveled across the country to attend a conference put on by Entangled Publishing – who took a chance on me and is publishing my first book Alive at 5 on July 14th. I’m so grateful that someone gets my writing and actually likes it. I wanted to attend this conference ( Thought Vegas was cheap – 12 dollars for a glass of wine? That’s a bottle, cutie. ) so I could meet the ladies who run this company and meet fellow authors who are traveling the same road as me. Big shout out to Liz Pelletier who founded Entangled. Suffering from pneumonia I think, she never stopped talking and teaching for three days straight. Holy cow. Impressed. Love her and her whole concept of how to grow a business. I love that she’s investing in me. And to all of you Entangled authors I met, sat with, drank Starbucks with, and ran into at the Las Vegas airport – great to join the family. These past few days have been fun. I learned a lot and am plotting my next adventure for Entangled. Bottom line – to still get inspired and challenged at my age is a gift. So, I’m going to grab it – win or lose, succeed or fail, I’m having fun chasing the dream. By the way, I was so inspired I didn’t leave the hotel for four days. 4 days! Did it snow in Vegas? Was there a Zombie apocalypse? Couldn’t tell you! And I’m a reporter. J Oh, well. Next time I’ll venture out. Linda Bond – trying like hell to stay awake – out.

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