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With a little help from my friends - Alive at 5 comes to life!

June 1, 2014

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Writing News versus Fiction

We are TV reporters by day and romance writers by night. The Tampa Bay Times asked me and AP reporter Tamara Lush to talk about our dual careers at the 2015 Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading. We also talk about the popularity of romance and the challenges of getting published today. 

Don't Stop Believing.

How I became a published author.

Working Women of Tampa Bay asked me to speak at their State Conference on how I followed my dream of becoming a published author.  I hope this will help you, too. 

Chapter one

A cannon blast rocked Nic Andreas, pushing him forward, making his feet leave the ground, and his pulse pound. 

But, only for half a second.

Nic quickly regained his footing, shook his head, fighting back a grin. After all these years, those damn pirate cannon...


My husband: “For my birthday, I want to go skydiving.”

Me: “What?”

My crazy husband: “With you.”

Frantic me: “WHAT?!”


That simple conversation is how this whole crazy adventure started.  


My husband Jorge wanted to take a leap of faith for his fiftieth. And, he want...

I started noticing years ago that my daughter Jillian has a magnificent gift. She can entertain herself anywhere with anything. She can take a knife, plate and napkin at a restaurant, add an evil salt shaker, maybe a heroic ketchup bottle, and create a world within her...

Having only written two fiction novels, I can't call myself an expert. But I have to image most authors feel as I do days away from the release of a new book. You've spent countless hours writing your novel. Then you try to sell it. Someone finally loves it enough to o...

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